Explore Tysons

The Tysons Get Around Guide is here!

Walk the routes by July 31, 2024 and claim your reward.

The Tysons Community Alliance invites you to participate in the Tysons Get Around Guide, a fun and rewarding way to discover the best routes and hidden gems throughout our vibrant community.

What is the Tysons Get Around Guide?

The Tysons Get Around Guide is designed to encourage residents and visitors alike to explore Tysons by walking. It features designated routes that showcase unique destinations, convenient services, and delicious dining spots. Whether you’re a local looking to uncover new favorites or a visitor eager to experience Tysons’ charm, this guide has something for everyone.

How to Participate and Earn Rewards
  1. Choose Your Path: Select any one of our designated routes or challenge yourself to complete all four.
  2. Track Your Journey: Use your favorite fitness tracking app like Strava, MapMyWalk, Google Fit, or Nike Run Club to record your walk, bike ride, or roll. These apps will help you keep tabs on distance, speed, and route details.
  3. Submit Your Walk: Once you’ve completed your journey, take a screenshot of your tracked activity and submit it along with your details using our online form. You can find the submission form and more details here.
  • Complete Any One Route: Earn a $15 eGift Card* redeemable at participating Tysons businesses.
  • Complete All Four Routes: Be one of the first 10 trailblazers to complete all routes and receive a $100 eGift Card*.

*Note: Only one reward per person. Rewards will be distributed via email on August 15, 2024. Terms and conditions apply.

Start Exploring Today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover Tysons like never before. Download the Tysons Get Around Guide PDF or access the digital routes via Google Maps to begin your adventure. Whether you’re walking through picturesque parks or biking along bustling streets, every journey counts towards earning exciting rewards and experiencing the best of Tysons.

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