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Supervisor Palchik Walks the Walk

Follow our fearless leader’s example and explore a route in the Tysons Get Around Guide

The Tysons Get Around Guide was launched last Wednesday at the Tysons Annual Open House held alongside the June Board meeting of the Tysons Community Alliance. That very morning, Supervisor Dalia Palchik, the representative of the Providence District on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, accompanied by her team and TCA staff went out to Explore Tysons!

We walked the Green Route that connects the Boro and Tysons Corner Center as well as the Greensboro and Tysons Metrorail stations. A section of the route follows a cool, shaded, leafy trail with stops at some amazing Urban Parks. This route showcases the blend of urban development and natural beauty that defines our community.

Our walk began in The Boro, a dynamic area known for its mix of stores, entertainment, food, apartments, and offices. From there, we walked past cafes and shops, Onelife Fitness, and the Tysons Galleria mall. Our first stop was the newly inaugurated Ukiyo Park on Westbranch Drive.

We then made our way to the Butterfly Garden at the Monarch. Nestled in a landscaped area near the trail, this is a serene spot in the heart of Tysons. From here it was a short walk down the hill to the Tysons Metrorail station. We used the pedestrian overpass back to the Plaza at Tysons Corner Center. After a busy morning at a board meeting, we felt refreshed by our active break. We truly enjoyed this Walk in the Park!

The Boro/Urban Parks route is just one of the four curated paths in the Tysons Get Around Guide designed to encourage residents and visitors alike to Explore Tysons on foot.

Download the guide and start walking today! A walk has many rewards but this summer you can also claim a gift card for walking to Explore Tysons.

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