Metro Budget Update

March 16 Update: Tysons Partnership President and CEO Sol Glasner submitted a letter to the WMATA Board of Directors.

March 8 Update: Metro has asked for public comment on its proposed budget for FY 22. The proposed budget includes Silver Line station closures and other doomsday cuts. The budget was drawn up before this weekend’s passage of the covid relief bill through the Senate. The covid relief bill includes some $30 billion in federal funding for transit that will keep WMATA (and other major city transit system operators) running in 2022. Metro and other U.S. transit systems are dealing with a sharp drop in their revenues caused by COVID-19’s impact on ridership and the economy.

Once these federal funds are on their way, it is very likely that WMATA will amend the budget. The funds will be sufficient to prevent station closures.

However, WMATA’s financial issues may still delay the opening of Silver Phase 2 stations to riders. Expanding Metrorail to serve riders along Silver Line Phase 2 requires additional staffing and resources.

Please contact WMATA to urge them to open Silver Line Phase Two as soon as possible with service to all stations.  

Please submit written comment or upload comment document. 

Below are some recommended talking points:

  • Metro is critical to the economy of the National Capital Region, Tysons and the entire Silver Line corridor.
  • The impacts of COVID-19 on Metro revenue and ridership have been severe.
  • Transit is existential to the Tysons envisioned by the Comprehensive Plan. Much has been accomplished in the decade since Fairfax County adopted the Plan, and transit remains key to continued progress.
  • Ever increasing vaccination will result in increased activity and reopening. Employees and customers will need more trains and buses to get to work and entertainment.
  • While it is understood that there may be mechanical or construction issues that may delay opening Silver Phase 2, no delays should occur due to financial constraints.
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