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About Tysons

Tysons: A Short Story

There’s a new kind of urbanism unfolding in Northern Virginia that exemplifies progress in so many ways.

From its origins as a peach farm to its emergence as a regional corporate hub, the place we now call Tysons has been evolving steadily since the 1850s. Ten years into the implementation of its comprehensive growth plan, the city is rapidly moving toward its next future — that of a thriving urban district that blends livability, entrepreneurial opportunity, and just plain fun.


Already, Tysons has emerged as a place where people build friendships, families, and careers while they engage with a community of diverse collaborators working to make the city great. Tysons now stands as the economic engine and the most densely populated urban district of Fairfax County, Virginia, and also as an economic and lifestyle leader in the Washington, D.C., metro region. As it continues to attract additional residents and investment, Tysons is poised to become more abundant with opportunities for people looking to share in a journey of progress.


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