Tysons Partnership Board Adopts Resolution Endorsing County’s ‘One Fairfax’ Policy

Adopted November 10, 2021 by the Tysons Partnership Board of Directors

By resolution adopted by its board in November 2021, Tysons Partnership reaffirmed its commitment to the growth of Tysons as a transit oriented, high density urban center competitive with other major urban centers.  The board declared “inclusive development” to be among the Partnership’s public purpose goals and methods and resolved to work collaboratively with Fairfax County Government toward key objectives.

Fairfax County adopted in November 2017 a “One Fairfax” policy as an explicit framework for incorporating and advancing racial and social equity goals within all County initiatives.  

Echoes of One Fairfax appear in regional organizational declarations such as the Greater Washington Partnership’s Preface Report to the Regional Blueprint for Inclusive Growth (September 2021) which includes this key observation:

“Inclusive growth is both a moral and economic imperative. Cities and regions that prioritize inclusivity achieve longer-term growth by becoming a magnet for talent, business and investment.”

Tysons Partnership embraces principles of equity and inclusion as an essential cornerstone of an economically and socially flourishing urban center.  Consistent with that orientation and within the context of our collaboration with Fairfax County, Tysons Partnership hereby declares its alignment with and adoption of One Fairfax as a guiding principle of our work to advance Tysons.  

To ensure that One Fairfax is appropriately reflected in the Partnership’s work program, the board directs the formation of a task group to initiate and oversee implementation of specific initiatives and activities designed to advance principles of equity and inclusion as an animating force in the development of Tysons.  The board authorizes and empowers its executive leadership to take all steps consistent with this direction.

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