Small Business Spotlight: Nothing in Between Studio, Transforming the Nail Industry One Client At a Time

Small Business Spotlight: Nothing in Between Studio, Transforming the Nail Industry One Client At a Time

When it comes to nail polish and treatment, the nail industry has a history of using harsh chemicals. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, nail technicians are exposed to numerous toxic chemicals for hours on end. This extended exposure can lead to serious health problems, such as cancer, reproductive health issues, and respiratory concerns.

Jade Trusso, founder of Nothing in Between (NIB) Studio, is on a mission to transform the industry by providing a healthier, safer, and more environmentally friendly experience. Having studied the nail and spa industries for years, Jade was disillusioned by what she found. In addition to the health concerns caused by harsh chemicals, the work environment in many salons is inadequate. NIB offers an alternative. The studio offers non-toxic and sustainable products to clients, as well as a safe and supportive environment for its workers.

“I started Nothing in Between because I was horrified by the practices that were being used in many nail salons and wanted to change the industry for the better,” said Trusso. “I also wanted to provide a work environment that is empowering for both my staff and our clients.”

What started as a dream in 2014, became a reality on November 9, 2018, when Jade opened her first studio in Falls Church. In 2020, when the world came to a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NIB had to close its doors. Not letting that stop her from realizing her vision, Jade created at-home nail care kits. Moreover, with the value of community in mind, she and her staff made over 500 face masks for local aid organizations.

Surviving the pandemic and the idea of a “modern self-care sanctuary” resonating with the community, Jade opened her second location in Tysons on May 26, 2021. Located within Capital One Center, the Tysons location expanded upon the company’s services by offering massages.

According to Jade, Tysons was the ideal second location for Nothing in Between because of its partnership with Capital One Center, the studio’s location, and the diversity of clients. “The location is great,” said Trusso. “We get clients from everywhere. In addition to our local community, we have clients that don’t live in Tysons but visit because of all the nice restaurants, shopping centers, and business gatherings.” Services offered at the Tysons location include manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials.

NIB is also dedicated to investing in the community and giving back to local nonprofits. Two of the organizations that the studio supports on an ongoing basis are Doorways and The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. The company recently hosted a diaper drive at their studios to benefit Doorways. 

As Nothing in Between continues to expand, the company is offering the opportunity to franchise. “I never thought of franchising my brand,” said Trusso. “I thought they weren’t cool. However, I want more people to experience what we have to offer, a spa experience that is better for your body and our planet. There are many women just like me who want to start their business, but they don’t know where to start. I can help them through our business.”

Jade moved to the United States in 2014 from South Korea for love. “I met my husband in South Korea, and he was offered a job here in the States,” said Trusso. “It was either we break-up or I move to be with him.” She chose to move.

Prior to launching Nothing in Between and moving to the States, Jade worked in the fashion industry. She worked in clientele and then buying for Louis Vuitton. She got into the nail business because she thought it would be an easy transition given her skill sets. It was not. “I looked at other nail salon owners, and I thought I could do it,” said Trusso. While she did do it and has been very successful, it hasn’t been easy. She has a newfound appreciation for small business owners.

When asked what advice she has for those who are thinking about starting their own company, she said, “It’s really cliché but true, don’t give up. If you have purpose, it’s going to work. There will be lots of ups and downs, but just keep going.”

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