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Seeds of Collaboration were Planted During TCA’s Cherry Tree Planting 

On May 6th, Tysons Community Alliance (TCA) collaborated with the National Cherry Blossom Festival (NCBF), and members of the community to plant 17 cherry blossom trees in Tysons.  

With the help of trained volunteers from Casey Trees, an official partner of NCBF, saplings were planted along the Cityline Partners’ property near Scotts Run and on the Tysons Corner Center side of the I-495 pedestrian bridge. These trees are the first of their kind in Tysons.

Pictured are volunteers planting cherry blossom trees in Tysons.  

During the event, TCA held an official ceremony to commemorate the planting.  

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the National Cherry Blossom Festival,” said Interim CEO of TCA Rich Bradley at the ceremony. “The Alliance was formed, in part, to engage the community and build lasting relationships with organizations like the Festival. Through this partnership, we are able to provide a point of connection between Tysons and the greater DC region.” 

The cherry blossom tree, as well as NCBF, represent unity and have a rich cultural history. Bringing that symbolism and spirit to Tysons will make a lasting impact on the community for generations to come. 

“Cherry blossoms symbolize new beginnings,” said National Cherry Blossom Festival President Diana Mayhew. “We look forward to continuing to work together to bring the joy of the cherry blossoms and the Festival to this wonderful community.” 

Pictured, from left to right, are Interim CEO of Tysons Community Alliance Rich Bradley and National Cherry Blossom Festival President Diana Mayhew. 

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is a beloved event with a history that goes back over a century. In 1912, Japan gifted the United States cherry blossom trees to honor the budding friendship between the two nations. Each year, as cherry blossom trees bloom, the Festival enlivens the region with countless parades, performances and other festivities that bring people from all over the world together. 

Pictured is the official plaque marking the tree planting. 

This monumental tree planting is a testament to what can be achieved when TCA collaborates with organizations to create a sense of community in Tysons. 

“The planting of cherry trees serves as a symbol of Tysons’ continued transformation into an inclusive, urban destination within the region and around the world,” said Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik. “It is through partnerships like the one between Tysons Community Alliance and the Festival, that will make our community blossom.” 

After the ceremony, TCA board members and staff, Fairfax County officials and NCBF staff shoveled dirt around one of the 17 trees.

Pictured, from left to right, are Joe Mondero, TCA board member, Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik, Interim CEO of Tysons Community Alliance Rich Bradley, Managing Director of Cityline Partners Tasso Flocos, Fairfax County School Board Member Karl Frisch, and National Cherry Blossom Festival President Diana Mayhew. 

TCA is hopeful that these trees will not only add to the beauty of Tysons, but also help create a sense of collaboration and unity among community members. As these young cherry blossom trees continue to grow and flourish, so shall the Tysons community. 

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