One Fairfax and More Partnership Council News

Tysons Partnership Commits to Fairfax County’s One Fairfax and More News

At its November board meeting, the Tysons Partnership board adopted a resolution endorsing the County’s One Fairfax policy and committing to incorporate its guiding principles of diversity, equity and inclusion into our work program. Our commitment—always–is to an economically successful and socially thriving Tysons. 

The resolution restated Tysons Partnership commitment to “inclusive development” which was declared to be among the Partnership’s public purpose goals and methods. The Partnership will work collaboratively with Fairfax County Government toward key objectives.

The resolution committed stating, “The Partnership embraces principles of equity and inclusion as a cornerstone of an economically and socially flourishing urban center.”

One Fairfax declares, “all residents deserve an equitable opportunity to succeed – regardless of their race, color, sex, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, disability, income or where they live.

In other Partnership news…

  1. Our Land Use Placemaking Committee is coordinating with the County on design signage for the Tysons Community Circuit (in development) as yet another way to reenforce and promote our Tysons brand.  
  2. The Land Use Council’s Housing Diversification and Affordability Committee is planning a marquee event in January (1/19) featuring Amazon’s Catherine Buell as the keynote (this event will be invitation only).
  3. The Transportation Council, and with the help of our Wells & Associates partners, we are working with the County and other Tysons stakeholders to reimagine the operation of our Tysons wide TMA (Transportation Management Association) so that it might better facilitate the achievement of mobility objectives.  
  4. The Partnership TMA, in coordination with the Dulles Area Transportation Association (DATA), continues to spearhead a monthly information and advocacy session with WMATA representatives, elected officials and others focused on Metrorail service along the Silver Line corridor.  
  5. Our Employer Forum refocused efforts on a COVID and post-COVID work place, The Forum meets on a recurring basis and provides an opportunity for Tysons based employers to compare notes and best practices on topics they deem to be of shared interest or concern.   

If you are interested in learning more about our One Fairfax collaboration or being a part of our Councils and ongoing work, please contact Ellen Gipko

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