Elletienne Bridging Gaps, Envisions Co-Habitation of Car Dealerships & Housing

Elletienne Property Partners [pronounced “L-T-N”] is a Tysons-based boutique consulting firm that partners with property owners, developers, and investors to maximize land use in urban areas. Elletienne’s mission is to “Build Community & Create Spaces That Matter.” Elletienne reimagines how traditional real estate is used and addresses specific issues, such as the scarcity of land and housing, which pose challenges in development for the greater community.

Linda T. Nguyen, Elletienne’s Founder and CEO, is a long-time Tysons Partnership member and an active member of the Partnership’s Land Use Council. She envisions a future with more affordable housing opportunities which will help employers attract and retain talent, allowing the workforce to actually live in the cities in which they serve.

On June 1, the Partnership’s Land Use Council’s Housing and Affordability Subcommittee presented an interactive workshop entitled “Exploring the Toolbox for Creating Affordable Housing in Tysons.” Elletienne led the interactive portion of the event at which landowners, employers, policy makers and developers collaborated on creative solutions to the housing shortage in Tysons. Participants used Elletienne’s interactive tool to deepen their understanding of how the financial implications of their decisions can make or break a development project. The tool was invaluable for bridging the gap between developers and those with no/limited housing finance experience.

Members of the Partnership’s Housing Subcommittee have credited Linda’s creative powers and technical ability, calling her a “technical powerhouse in the world of real estate finance.” Linda’s outstanding work was instrumental in making the Affordable Housing Workshop such a productive, meaningful, and successful event.

Linda helps landowners, who don’t necessarily have the time or the experience to leverage their current real estate investment. For example, Linda is currently working with some of the national car dealership conglomerates whose land is traditionally used for storing or showcasing inventory. As the industry changes with less of a need for a large inventory footprint, Linda’s experience in land use, entitlements and rezoning allows her to focus on potential new development uses for the land, thereby, allowing the automotive retailers to focus on their core business.

Linda is no stranger to the automotive industry or large-scale mixed-use development projects that include a housing component. Brookfield Property Partners subsidiary, called on Linda’s expertise for the massive, complex Dominion Square development deal, which will make a big imprint on the Tysons submarket for years to come. The approved plan calls for transforming 20 acres of car dealership properties into a 4.5 million square feet mixed-use development with 12 high rises ranging from 18-30 stories, including six apartment buildings, a hotel and five office buildings. The first two apartment buildings are advancing to the next stage of development and construction is expected to commence soon. Amazon is also committing $55 million to the project.  

So, what’s next for this entrepreneur?  Linda will be heading to the west coast to check on a mixed-use development project with a public-private partnership component. Then, she will meet with leaders in Toronto to glean how they’ve been able to create a thriving urban environment with some innovative developments. The plan is to take lessons learned from other jurisdictions back to Elletienne’s homebase of Fairfax County, to help advance the thoughtful use of land, in ways that benefit people, profits, and planet.  

We asked Elletienne’s founder, what advice she would give aspiring entrepreneurs?  Here’s what she had to say: “Follow your passion, determine a market need, and get clarity on your WHY.  If these three line up, it’s a winning combination. Pursue what you love doing and it won’t feel like work. Choosing a new path can be scary, that is, until it’s not new anymore. So, I say, put fear in a jar on your bookshelf and keep walking, one foot in front of the other. Cultivate meaningful relationships and surround yourself with supportive people who celebrate, encourage, and challenge you. Limit your time with those who go against you. Then hop on the rollercoaster and buckle up. Do your best each day to add value everywhere you go, stay focused on your vision and the results will follow. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those with an entrepreneurial appetite like myself, it’s been an exhilarating ride and so much fun to do what lights me up.”  

To get in touch with Elletienne, send a direct message to Linda on LinkedIn

Linda T. Nguyen, Founder of Elletienne Property Partners
at her office in The Boro, Tysons, VA

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