Industrious Celebrates Three Years of Success in Tysons

Over the past several years, companies and employees alike have seen a shift in what it means to work in a traditional office setting. As the demand for mixed-use and urban space increases, the future of the traditional work model is changing rapidly. Flexibility is becoming a key factor in many work environments, particularly for those individuals who are interested in operating remotely or in a hybrid setting, start-ups looking for a place to create their business, or companies looking to downsize their office space. Industrious Tysons, a thoughtfully-designed workspace in the Heart of Tysons, is changing the game by offering an inclusive workplace for companies of all sizes and stages.

Gloria Collins, the Community Manager at Industrious Tysons says, “Tysons is a very special community of hardworking members. Collectively, we have a ‘work hard-play hard’ philosophy and with this, place value on our network as connectors in various vertical segments.”

Located at 1660 International Drive, just steps away from Tysons Galleria and The Boro, Industrious Tysons presents a thoughtfully-designed workspace, complete with large windows to let in natural light, greenery for improved air quality, and best-in class amenities including a wellness room, office supplies and printing, secure Wi-Fi, daily breakfast and snacks, community events, and more.

The community at Industrious Tysons consists of members from various industries including legal, real estate, non-profit, consulting, marketing, architecture, and more, highlighting the diverse backgrounds that make up the shared space. With each business having different needs, Industrious Tysons provides various membership options, that allow teams to determine which office space would benefit them the most. Companies have access to exclusive, fully furnished, private offices or suites depending on the team’s size, as well as access to shared spaces for members who wish to collaborate with each other.

In addition to maintaining the offices themselves, the Industrious Tysons team works very hard to ensure members and their guests have all they need to have a productive day. Members can find freshly brewed coffee and breakfast in the kitchen each day, as well as midday snacks. Once a week, the team also hosts happy hour, for members to connect and unwind in the common areas.

April marks the 3rd anniversary of Industrious Tysons, and this year the company is celebrating with an homage to senior superlatives. “We want our members to know that we care about each and every one of them, and we’re constantly working to find ways to celebrate them and their businesses. This year we chose to do superlatives to highlight the best in each of our members,” says Operations Associate Jaya Caraan.

Congratulations to Tysons Partnership member company Industrious Tysons on 3 years of success! Click here for more information about Industrious Tysons.

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